Put a Spin on Winter

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put a spin on winter

Put a Spin on Winter

Turn your Timber Fan in reverse rotation in the winter months. This will re-circulate the hot air trapped at the ceiling, to provide even, comfortable temperature throughout the room. All of our fans with BLDC motor technology will have a reverse mode button, on either the remote or wall-mount supplied with the unit.

winter and summer mode

If your fan is in Winter mode, it should be spinning clockwise as you look “up” at it. The fan won’t be pushing air down but rather pushing air “up”. So if you don’t feel a cool breeze coming off your fan, then you are in Winter mode. Instead of cooling the air down in Winter, the fan pushes air up which displaces any warm air which has risen to the ceiling.

Winter mode works well when used in conjunction with indoor heating and fireplaces. It will make the room warmer at ground level by dispersing the warm air trapped at ceiling height. This will work in any space, and will be particularly useful in properties with high ceilings that normally lose a lot of hot air to the top of the room.

winter with fan on or off

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