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Elevate your ceiling fan experience

You have just spent a tidy sum of money on a beautiful, handcrafted timber ceiling fan and you are considering whether to install it yourself or perhaps ask your brother-in-law who is quite handy, to do it for you. Good move?

Well, No, not really.

We at Timber Fans want you to get the very best out of your fan, so with this in mind, here are a few reasons why we think the installation job should rather be done by an experienced electrical technician.

previous experience installing a ceiling fan

Installing a ceiling fan is not especially complex, but it is a bit like learning to ride a bicycle. For the first few times on a bike, you’re certain to have a couple of falls and mishaps until you get the hang of it. So, when it comes to a ceiling fan, why take the risk of learning the ropes with an expensive precision product which has been pre-tested and pre-balanced by the supplier? Let someone who has “done it before” install your delicate fan.

elevate your ceiling fan experience

Licensed electricians deal with electrical wiring every day and understand the hazards and the common pitfalls. They also have the right tools to do the job and to test and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. DIYers, on the other hand are often without the right tools for all required situations and can make costly or unsafe mistakes as a result.


Most fan warranties require the fan installation to be carried out by a licensed technician. If you are doing it yourself and for some reason a problem arises, then your warranty may be voided and you could end up with an expensive repair or replacement. This is especially true if any modifications to the fan have been made during installation. No fan supplier will accept a warranty claim if the fan components have been modified in any way. The same may apply when building code regulations have been by-passed and electrical compliance certificates are needed for local authority approvals.

proper placement of ceiling fan

Once again, this is where experience counts more than simply an eye for design. A fan needs to be correctly situated in the room for best effectiveness and for safety too. An experienced technician will know whether the mounting beam is sufficient to bear the weight with safety and won’t work itself loose over time.


Sometimes, even with a relatively fault-free installation, small glitches affecting the fan balance, vibration or quietness can arise. The experienced professional will have a repertoire of troubleshooting techniques to quickly identify and fix most of these glitches before declaring a problem with the product itself.

Experience has shown that faulty performance from a ceiling fan is far more likely due to installation error rather than a faulty product.

Finally, if you have made the decision to call in a professional for the job, make sure that they have actually done fan installation work before, that they are provided with the suppliers installation manual and that they are supervising the work themselves and not passing it on the untrained assistant.

Once you have done this, sit back, relax and enjoy years of trouble-free pleasure from your ceiling fan.

Any questions for us? Get in touch, we’re happy to help.


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