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ceiling fan trends

Ceiling Fan Trends

Ceiling fans are a popular home appliance that can help cool down a room while also adding style and elegance to your living space. Here are some current ceiling fan trends and styles:


Contemporary, minimalist design is the dominant theme in the market. Fans with sleek, simple designs, in functional colours and textures such as black, white, natural timbers, are popular choices.

Fans with metal finishes, exposed hardware, and wooden blades are also trending. Have a look at our Monaco range for a perfect example of this.


With the rise of smart homes, smart ceiling fans have also made their appearance. These fans can be controlled by voice command or through smartphone apps.

Timber Fans is excited to be well advanced with this technology. Talk to us about our integration with Google Home and Alexa.


Statement ceiling fans are also very popular, with bold, eye-catching designs that make an immediate statement in any room. Our Sirocco fan is the epitome of this, featuring large and imposing propellor-like wooden blades.


Energy-efficiency is becoming all-important for today’s budget and environmentally conscious consumers. Be sure to select a ceiling fan with an energy-efficient Brushless DC motor.

At Timber Fans, we offer an impressive range of models, sizes, colours and styles to choose from – you will be able to find the fan that is best suited to your own design ideas.


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